Anime Expo 2006

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Saffy, Usha and I drove down to LA to go to the anime convention Anime Expo 2006 July 1-4. Saffy and Usha cosplayed while we were there.

Saffy as Aya Natsume of Tenjho Tenge

With Bob Makihara:

Group shots:

Attacking me (completely unprovoked):

Usha as Toru Honda of Fruits Basket


With Kenshin:

Saffy as Anthy Himemiya of Utena, Usha as Kagome Higurashi of Inuyasha

With unidentified green thing:

Usha with Kagura:

Being interviewed:

Saffy as Anthy Himemiya of Utena

Probably the most fun of the cosplaying. Saffy dressed up as Anthy, an indian girl character in Utena. She went to a group meetup with other characters of the series, and, in part, spent some time with a Utena (the two of them are the main characters) that looked every bit the part.

Group photos:

Photos with the Utena:

As stated on the gallery, Utena and Anthy are just good friends... really:

After the photoshoot, the two of them went around the dealers' room, getting stopped every twenty seconds for photos.

Misc Convention

Saffy and I:

Usha with a bunch of people from Azumanga Daioh:

Natasha as someone with someone else of something:

Beach on Return Trip

We stopped at a beach on the return trip. Water was too cold to swim, but it gave us a chance to finish recovering from CO poisoning.