San Francisco Rennaisance Faire 2005

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August 27th (28th as well, not that we were there) was the San Francisco Renassance Faire (that is to say 'Golden Gate Renaissance Festival 2005'). Landon, Diana, Usha, Sonia and I dressed up for it and went, and although it was somewhat on the small side (according to those who have a basis for comparison), it was a lot of fun.

We had some trouble during the preparations - in particular, Sonia's hair did not compose itself properly, though its target style was not that complex. But even after giving up what complexity there was, and even when we arrived and were walking to the faire, it was still not cooperating. So here is a photo of us trying to compose it into a semblance of acceptable appearance.

Fortunately, it settled down and turned out nicely shortly after the photo was taken.

If I understand correcly, Landon and I wore Robin Hood attire (me with a homemade, non-Robin-Hood-hat), Usha and Sonia were ladies of some sort, and Diana was a wench. Then again, the accuracy of the descriptions on the costumes in the costume shops left somewhat to be desired, so you can judge for yourselves:

The approximation of food they had at the faire was less than appetizing, though in hindsight, 'meat-on-a-stick' may have better been avoided.

Usha was quite popular - she was hit on by a policeman, and then by a guy with a very odd manner of speaking:

I, in turn, was thanked profusely for bringing the 'Lovely Lady in red'.

We did the usual faire things, such as trying on finger jewelry armor.

And, of course, stalking the husband.

Then, we got roses. First, the situation was innocuous enough.

Then, I am sorry to say, I posed with one.

Before long, I had no choice but to succumb to fatigue. Um. Yes. Fatigue.

And then Sonia attacked me - completely unprovoked.

Usha got herself a plush toy three headed dragon puppet.

And then we headed home.