Toronto 2005

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In late July / early August 2005, Sonia, Usha and I went to Toronto to spend some time with family & friends, and to process Usha's school visa.

We met up with a lot of relatives and friends while we were in Toronto, although there were many more with whom Sonia and Usha really wanted to meet, but were unable to due to how little time we had, and people's work schedules and so forth. We also got very few photos, but here are a couple:

Sonia and Usha with Nani (grandmother).

Meeting up with an aunt, uncle and cousins.


Rendezvous at Niagra Falls
We met up with Alex and Mariya (brother & sister in law) at Niagra falls. We don't get to see them very often, so it was nice that they were able to drive up so we could spend some time together.

The waterfall at night:

Canada's Wonderland
We went to (Paramount's) Canada's Wonderland, an amusement park approximately equivalent to (Paramount's) Great America, but with fewer americans.

Usha and Mariya did not take to the first ride very well.

Of course, that did not prevent them from going on more rides.

Saffy and Usha had a brief cotton candy fight, which concept they would have to explain.

Around then, we were planning on heading back to San Francisco. Unfortunately, a few hours before our flight, the airport from which we were departing looked like this:

Oddly enough, despite America West's insistence to the contrary, our flight was cancelled. There was quite a bit of combat with their operators over the next couple of days, but suffice it to say that we ended up leaving two days late.

No sense just sitting around, so the next day we headed out to Toronto.

It was extremely hot (by San Francisco standards, at least), so we went on a boat ride for a few hours before Alex and Mariya had to continue on their drive North. (Or East or something.)

Oh Canada / Our Home and Native Land / True patriot love in all thy sons command.

Heading Back
We packed Usha up into a suitcase...

And then she got her school visa, so all that effort of stuffing her in was for nothing.