Martial Arts

Sonia, Usha and I are all taking martial arts, albeit in different schools / of different types. For more on the history of the situation, take a look at the history section.

Usha is taking Kendo lessons at the San Mateo Kendo Dojo. The lessons are at the local community center (King Center, 825 Mt. Diablo Ave, San Mateo, CA). She seems to like it pretty well. The main instructor is Masaru Ogihara, who's been teaching there for several decades. The school does not have a website, but Mr. Ogihara can be reached at (650) 341-1410 or

Sonia and I are taking Kung Fu lessons at California Kungfu & Tai Chi. Master Lee is an extremely entertaining instructor, and clearly very competent. It's a fairly new school, but he has a whole bunch of children students and probably about half a dozen adults. In part, he teaches weapons, which is a lot of fun. Not especially practical at first, though - most likely, you have to put in a lot of years to be able to use this sort of thing for self defense.

Finally, I am also taking Hapkido classes at the Bay Area Martial Arts Academy. This has a good mix of more practical technique, particularly focusing on grappling and locks, but also standup and clinch.

We did quite a bit of research before deciding on these schools, so if you want to know more about schools in the area of San Mateo, CA, take a look at the the local schools page.