Here are some of the subsections of the old pre-wedding site. The direction/lodging pages are gone, since they are largely irrelevant, and we have enough stalkers as is.

At this point in time, the schedule is not very concrete. We plan on:
  • We will be in town from Friday the 18th to Monday the 28th. Much of that time will be for preparations, but we will be around for people who come early.
  • Starting on Thursday the 24th, dye will be applied to Sonia. The preparation of the bride may be of interest to friends and family (women only, people). Anyone of the female persuasion is encouraged to come.
  • There will be Mehndi on Sonia and anyone else who wants it. This will take place Friday the 25th at noon.
  • A bachelorette party will take place more or less starting with the Mehendi and continuing on into the night.
  • There will be a bachelor party on Friday the 25th; meet at our local place around 5 pm. We'll be doing some paintball (indoor, sadly, due to weather conditions), then going someplace for food/drinks/pool/whatever, so dress accordingly. You may want to bring a change for after paintball.
  • The wedding itself will take place of Saturday the 26th at 5:30pm. Be there.
  • Other activities are in the planning stages. Suggestions are welcome.

What this means to you the guest is this:
If you are planning on coming in from out of town, we hope you can come early and share in some of this excitement. Some of you, we have not seen in a long time, and perhaps will not see again for a while, so we would like to spend some time with you, not just the few (admittedly suitably debauched) hours during the wedding itself.

For those guests who just can't decide: a somewhat more detailed description of the reception menu, so you can be exquisitely informed in your choice of an entree.

Grilled Salmon: Grilled salmon fillet.
Chicken Francese: Boneless breast of chicken dipped in egg batter and pan fried then sauteed with a lemon white wine sauce.
Grilled Sirloin Steak: New york sirloin steak cooked on wood grill.

Those who can decide without such an excess of data: our hats go off to you.

This section is for miscellaneous information. If we get any questions, the answers will likely appear here, and we also offer some free, unsolisited commentary.

Yes, we are technically married. We had a civil wedding on December 19th, 2001, in Pittsburgh, PA. We do not consider that our official wedding date, and did not do anything particularly interesting on it. (Unless you think going to a district judge and being mildly insulted (me, not Sonia) is interesting.) So you did not miss out on much. This upcoming wedding, on the other hand, will be the real thing.

Attire is formal for women, formal to semi-formal for men. This means the best possible dresses and nice suits, respectively. We want people to look nice, but don't go out of your way to rent tuxes.

'You're getting married in Boston!?'
More or less. We are getting married in Millis, MA, which is part of the greater Boston area. Yes, we know that we do not live in the greater Boston area. It's okay, we'll be sure to come down for the occasion.

We don't understand why this is a problem, but some people are apparently confused. When in a married couple, one person is a 'Mr.' and the other person is a 'Dr.', then by the process of elimination, the wife is the one with a doctorate. (No, same sex marriages are not yet legal in the U.S. (edit 3/21/2004: yes, this faq is outdated))

Photos are not allowed during the Jewish ceremony. You can take photos during the procession and a bit under the Huppah before the ceremony starts, but please refrain from the time the Rabbi starts speaking until the end (the breaking of the glass).

'What religion are the kids going to be?'
We are not letting out Sonia's dress for her walk down the aisle. Have a little patience, people.