Update (september 13)
The wedding area has been updated. We've posted pictures from the wedding, made a page acknowledging the many people who helped us, and one reviewing the vendors with which we dealt.

We still don't have many of the photos we'd like (such as ones from Sonia's preparation immediately before the wedding), so please contact us if you have any. We will figure out some way to get copies with as little trouble to you as possible.

You can contact us via the contact page.

Sonia and I got married on Saturday, July 26th, 2003, at the Primavera in Millis, MA. It was a joint Hindu-Jewish ceremony, which, if not unique, was at least unusual. Pundit Pandita Dube presided over a Hindu ceremony, which was followed by Rabbi Mark Golub performing a Jewish ceremony. Following this was the reception, with dancing, drinking and merriment.

The wedding went very well. People had fun, the few setbacks were minor, and in general, the whole thing was pretty damn good. We had a bachelor party (encompassing paintball and a bar of some sort), a bachelorette party (mehendi and loud debauched activities), friends and relatives coming from far away places, great ceremonies by both the Pandit and the Rabbi, and an excellent reception (aside from the rather annoying DJ). Thanks to all who attended (and even to those who tried their best but could not), and we hope to see you again soon.

An archive of some of what was up before the wedding (for the sake of entertainment) is on the archive page. There are also pictures, acknowledgements, and reviews.

Again, thanks to all for a great wedding.